January 2021 – June 2021

Pastor's Cohort

Against All Enemies


What Is The Shepherd's Crook

Pastor's Cohort

The TSC cohort is a limited group of men committing to growth as a pastor for 6 months. It entails monthly sessions lead by Jared Sparks, on 6 specific topics, group chats, and special guest conversation/content with Dr. Tom Ascol, Bill Smith, Michael Foster, and Brian Sauve.  The 2021 Theme is “Courage Against All Enemies.”

Exclusive COntent and Conversations

Special Guests

Dr. Tom Ascol

Pastor, Grace Baptist Church

Bill Smith

Pastor, Cornerstone Reformed Church

Brian Sauve

Pastor, Refuge Church

Michael Foster

Pastor, East River Church

Where The Cohort Takes Place

In The HNR.GD Community App

The Shepherd’s Crook site and podcast is hosted in the HNR.GD Network (pronounced “Honor God”) and will be hosting the cohort in the new online community space for men of God. The community is a user-friendly application that gives us a dedicated space for all our online interactions, ability to host private calls and chat sessions, direct message one another, and more. When you purchase access to this seasons cohort, you’ll also receive access to the rest of the growing HNR.GD Community app, which includes topical channels of discussion geared just for men, other featured guests periodically, other interest groups for men, and more. 

When you click the button below, you’ll be taken to the sign-up page where you can reserve your place in the cohort and join the community! 

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