The Shepherd's Crook Intensive

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Who Is This For?

Pastor/elder teams. Seminarians. Men feeling called to pastoral ministry. Pastors who have experienced moral failure. 

Take a retreat and renew your heart and mind with like-minded men and brothers in Christ on Jacks Fork River in Eminence Mo! 

We will be staying at the Circle B Campground May 5th and then leaving for a two day float trip on the Jacks Fork River. We will be camping on the river the night of the 6th. You will need to bring a tent and camping gear. Pack as light as possible, it all has to fit on your canoe! Food will be provided. 

2020 Theme 

  • The Manly Pastor 
  • 4 Sessions 


1. Campsite 
2. Food
3. 2 Day Float Trip 
4. 4 Sessions
5. Shepherd’s Crook Stuff (Swag)

Date And Location

May 5-7th, 2020.

Circle B Campground, Eminence Mo. 

Cost And Registration

Cost: $175.00 

Use the form below for registration and payment instructions.

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