Episode 20: Baby Boomers Part 2

Episode 20: Baby Boomers Part 2
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Thanks again for listening!

I hope this episode is helpful and Christ-honoring. Here is the link to the podcast I mentioned with Ryan Huguley and Leonard Sweet IN THE ROOM podcast episode 54.

Here is the tweet I mention in the show:

We need more boomers who recognize their generational sins. What’s happening in the SBC right now is a macro version of what has been happening at every FBC for the last 20 years. Boomers, comfortable with a certain church culture wanting to keep power.

Also, at the beginning of this episode, I mentioned Dr. Paul C. Maxwell. He is the man behind  Selfwire and the podcast The Selfwire Phenomenon. You will want to check his stuff out it is challenging, lucid, and helpfully nuanced.

Article Links:

Pastors are getting older, delaying retirement

Boomers and Millennials at Church: Who’s In Charge

Next week I will be back with an episode on 3 encouragements for pastors from 2 Cor. 10.


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