TSC Conversation: Mo Pitney

The Shepherd's Crook
The Shepherd's Crook
TSC Conversation: Mo Pitney

Thanks for listening. This is a great conversation about a non-typical, in velvet, November buck that Mo Pitney harvested. We also talked about life, family, country music, wood stoves, and fearing God over men. Enjoy!





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1 thought on “TSC Conversation: Mo Pitney”

  1. Thank you so much for having Mo Pitney on your podcast. I am now introduced a bit to you also. My husband and I have loved Mo and his family fir about 5 years now. We are fans but, related through Jesus Christ. Our spirits are joined through Christ. We pray daily for him and his family and all who will walk boldly with Our God in this world we happen to dwell in. Thank you both for your faith in The Savior and your testimonies for Him. May All Glory Be To Christ. Roxanne Chapman of Yucaipa, CA


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