Lessons From A Decade of Pastoral Ministry

June 2018, marked 10 years since my ordination into pastoral ministry. I look back over those years and can’t help but cringe and smile. I am sure of it, it has been a decade of stumbling forward. Well, to be honest, sometimes stumbling backward. A lot of stumbling and countless mistakes and sins. But I smile because it has been ten years of God’s grace. Astonishing grace really! 

The older I get, the more I start to measure life in decades instead of years. But for now, I can look over the last ten years and pinpoint year by year lessons that God has taught me. Jump in the time machine with me and let me show you some things I have learned along the way. One post for every year. So here is what’s coming down the line. 

2008: God’s Word is my authority. God’s grace is my food.

2009: I’m young. I don’t know what I am doing. Help!

2010: Marriage. Ministry. Work.

2011: Submission to Authority

2012: Martyn Lloyd Jones: Word and Spirit. With a dash of learning what I am not.

2013: God Help! Am I even called to ministry?

2014: Growing Up! Putting away childish things. Becoming a dad.

2015: Suffering and surrender. Learning to be a shepherd.  

2016: Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side.

2017: There are greater callings that Pastoring.

Also, be looking for these to come out in podcast form. I will be doing a ten-part podcast series on this as well.

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